Feasibility Studies


A thorough feasibility study is critical for organizations to estimate their possibility of completing projects successfully. Firms utilize feasibility studies to identify possible negative and positive outcomes from a potential project. It has to be done before investing valuable money and time for it.

A properly primary and secondary researched and executed feasibility study can identify possible issues that would face a potential project. Doing a proper feasibility study enables its users to take an ultimate decision whether they have to proceed with the project or not. It allows users to elaborate information about the market, technical aspect of the project, and finally build up the financial figures according to the market and technical outcomes.

If you want a quality business feasibility study in Qatar, you must devote the time and the money to hire an experienced organizational consultant. Our organizational consultants have extensive experience in making business plans and conducting feasibility studies.

Our feasibility study services in Qatar comprise of several elements, and they typically include:

  • Project Overview – An outline of the project, products/services offered, the business model, and delivery method.
  • Market feasibility – Defines the prospective buyers, competitors, industry, the future, and current market potential and sales estimations.
  • Technical feasibility – Lists the data about product or service delivery, which could include labor, raw materials. Transportation, the technology needed, business locations, etc.
  • Financial feasibility – A forecast plan about the funding required, the type of funds, projected P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, etc. This process includes detailing the study's assumptions, sensitivity analysis and different scenarios, and graphical presentation of key financial data.
  • Organizational feasibility - An explanation of the company's corporate and legal frame; this might include data about the founders, their professional history, and skills they have that can help the company begin and continue the operations.

Our team keenly focuses on your business model and have an excellent understanding of complex data. Their skills include clear communication, multitasking, organizational skills, as well as analytical, observational, and critical thinking.

We conduct market research independently, with our own resources, and work with leading market research firms in Qatar to obtain accurate market data, which, in turn, forms the foundation of a good feasibility study.

Our deliverables to clients are in exhaustive reports and presentations, which include detailed financial models developed using spreadsheets and relevant supporting documents. We also develop summarized project teaser documents that potential investors might like to review before making further investments decisions.

We will help you assess your chances of success, and our engagement will provide the confidence that your investors will need to participate in your ventures.


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